Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi there, I'm Maddie and this is my first ever blog(and entry) so I'm kind likee 'well..what now??'. Haha!

So...this first blog entry of mine is going to be used to tell ya'll a little bit about myself. I'm 13, turning 14 in October!! YYYYEEESSSSSSS!!!  My favvie colours of all time are black/white (mostly cause they go with all most everything and are classic colours!!), I used to be a HHHHHUUUUUUGGGEEEEE fan of pink and real girly colours like that but completley changed, mostly because I'm going into my 1st year of high school and wanted a new look!!!!!  I dislike the colour brown because it doesn't really suit me.

OMG!! I'm totally obsessing with...........PLAID SHIRTS and......COWBOY BOOTS!! I think that at the moment I own at least 4 plaid shirts.  My favourite is from American Eagle Outfitters and it's blue, yellow and black, it's baggy but it doesn't make me look fat or anything and it's so comfortable and warm where you feel like you're wrapped up in a big blanket in front of a fire or something. AAAhhhhhhhhhh. Now...COWBOY BOOTS! I love them! I have 3 different pairs and I wear them every single day (fine that was a bit of an exaggeration. but still!).  I went on a horseback trail ride the other day when my fam and I went camping. I felt like such a cowgirl, wearing my boots and my plaid shirt! All I needed was a Cowboy hat and a lasso and I would have been a full fleged cowboy!!! I've been looking thru fashion mags and all over the 'net to try and fin myself the perfect pair of ripped skinny jeans so if anyone knows where I can get some that would be Ah-Mazing!!!!

MY LIKES, JUST IN CASE YA'LL CARE!!! the moment I'm luv luv luving(!!!) Paramore!!! YYEESSS!!! I love their song 'The Only Exception' it's Ah-Mazing and I know that it prolly has some kind of deep special meaning (correct me if I'm wrong plz!!!) and if you figure it out let me know plz! I wanna WOW my friends with my knowledge!!  If you don't know/like Paramore plz go and listen to some of their music!!!

Ok. Soooooo.......I've figured out who I'm kinda luving rite know!  Lourdes 'Lola' Leon! In case ya'll didn't know, she's Madonna's (Yes! The one and only Madonna!) daughter! She's like my new role model! AND my blog is kind of modeled after her's. I think she's Ah-Mazing!! Oh ya....have you seen the new Material Girl collection??? Totally BRILLIANT!!! I luv how it's totally modeled after her mother's clothes!! OMG! And i'm totally in luv luv luv with Mr. Abs himself...TAYLOR LAUTNER!! Need I say any more????

One quickie question for ya'll.  Do any of ya'll like harem pants??  Personally....i dislike them as much as I like my freshly straightened hair begoing ruined by the rain (and I HATE that!), but that's just my opinion. What's your opinion?????

Well now....I think that that should be enough for my first blogger entry :P  If you think that I'm annoying I don't mind cause I tend to go off on these little tangents about stuff! That was easier that I thought I thought it wood be!!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Remember - Always JustBeYourselfLuv!!!

XO Maddie <3

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